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Literary Corner


Back when Quirk started in 2005, apart from chronicling life at Law School the magazine was also an outlet for the creative aspirations of NLS students. Now, Quirk is re-launching its very own Literary Corner, and is open to applications across batches for the same!


We look forward to submissions broadly under the following heads :



Creative writing of any genre is welcome. Revive the Wattpad author person you've buried deep down since middle school ~ (or maybe not)



You can send us anything from free verse to slam poetry, one-pager to Greek epics (it doesn’t have to be related to law school!).


Artwork, Photography and Comics

We accept submissions in all media - digital art, hand-drawn, doodles, strips, etc and look forward to your amazing artwork :)



Opinion pieces on anything culturally relevant to Law Schoolites are accepted. If you think your piece is more suited for an academic journal or a legal blog, it probably doesn’t fit the bill. Although the piece need not be related to Law School we’re still looking for pieces that the average law schoolite may find relatable and interesting.



You may submit reviews of books, movies, podcasts, albums etc. expressing your unbridled love or utter contempt <3


Do note that we’ve only relaxed our mandate and our editorial policy continues to apply to any piece that we decide to publish. You can view the reviewing policy for the above heads here. You can send your submissions to: If your submission is artwork, photograph or a comic, please also send a write-up describing the image (alt text) so as to make your work more accessible for people with visual impairments. We're excited for your submissions!

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us!

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Thanks for submitting!

Review Guidelines:

Fiction: Plot, Characters, Setting, Writing Style, Originality
Poem: Literary merit, Originality, Relevance/Relatability

Artwork: Colour theory, Composition, Tone and setting, Angles, Perspectives, Uniqueness, Medium and Style
Opinion piece: Clarity of argument, Originality, Relevance/Relatability
Review: Quality of writing, Objectivity of review, Relevance of piece being reviewed

Photography: Composition, Story Telling and Technical Aspects such as Focus, Noise, Colour Theory, White Balance

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