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We want Quirk to push the boundaries of discourse at NLS and the wider world around us by providing a platform for reasoned discussion on any matter of general importance. We hope that we can create a culture of incisive writing that asks pertinent questions about us, our institution, and the world around us and where we are all headed. 

We welcome interesting articles, rants, poetry, book reviews, film reviews, artwork, doodles or anything else from people within or outside Law School. We primarily accept pieces that have some connection to law school and the experiences of law students.  You can find some some questions we consider while reviewing here.

If you wish to write for us please write to us at attaching your submission.

We would also love to hear your suggestions on how to make your experience better. Feel free to either email us or fill in this anonymous form with your feedback.

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Thanks for submitting!

Here are some questions we consider while reviewing!

  • Does the piece fall within Quirk's mandate?

  • Is the piece impactful for our target audience?

  • How relevant is the piece to Law School?

  • How novel is the content of the piece?

  • How can we improve readability?

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