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A Practical Guide to Dating an Avowed Left Wing Non Conformist

Nupur Raut (Batch of 2017)

Those who date nonconformists often wonder

How they must please their significant other.

But I’ve figured one of these types out:

Let me tell you how it’s to be gone about.

The first thing to do is to stay away from convention

(Fancy dinners are something you must never mention).

Do whatever you can that’s not the norm,

Find a way to not conform.

Don’t gift him on his birthday, because dates are an illusion.

Heck, find him a way to start a proletariat revolution.

Elaborate plans are mainstream; abandoning them is your goal

You must also work to demolish gender roles.

Take selfies and pull funny faces,

Do risky things in public places.

Take him to a talk on workers’ rights,

Debate the Manifesto throughout the night.

But don’t give him flowers, he doesn’t like those,

And don’t take his pictures, he doesn’t like to pose.

But listen and learn from his newest stories, please

And write him poems just like these.

Surprise him with amateur stand-up comedy shows

Take him to a part of town that no one knows

Find a cuisine that you’ve never tried before

And eat at roadside stalls some more.

But when you meet him, hold him close

Run your fingers over the bridge of his nose

You’re so much in love, you know it well

But you don’t have to say it: he can tell.

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