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An Abridged Glossary of Law School Life

Janardhan Pashupati (Batch of 2021) gives new meaning to old words.

Library: A building with the purpose of providing electricity and internet to enable a student to browse their phone with a book open in front of them.

Academic Block: 8.50-1.30-Classes; 10pm-3am-Education.

Projects: Works of fiction, to be placed next to the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

CV: See projects.

CV (alternate): Did you once give a first year directions to the library? You have shown “ability to provide mentorship and guidance”.

Classes: Places to catch up on sleep

Classes (alternate): Institutions which exist to provide source material for Heard in Law School.

Extensions: Birthright.

Repeats: First exam.

Spiritus: The one time a year we put aside our differences to work as one student body.

SF: The one time a year we work towards losing control of our body.

Transcript: Documentary evidence that we did, in fact, study these courses.

Transcript (alternate): Chargesheet prepared annually against individual students.

Exam Department: A bureaucratic, inefficient circle of hell instituted with the sole purpose of making the simple complicated. See Accounting Department, Dilbert comics.

Exam Department (alternate): Our saviour.

Padma: Anti-Gandalf.

MHOR: Terrace.

Terrace: A separate jurisdiction, like an embassy, governed by its own rules, where rule of law acquires new dimensions.

SDGM: See SS, Germany, 1942.

SDGM (alternate): The result of the focused channelling of the physical frustrations of its constituent members.

SDGM (alternate): Our saviours.

Alumni: Source of stories, internships and allegedly higher standards.

Seniors: Authors of your projects, and initial “worst night ever” stories.

Mail Threads: This is your entertainment now.

Nagarbhavi: Source of cigarettes, food, drink and the occasional criminal altercation.

Ulta Cauvery: Relic of the past that no one except Anindya cares about.

LLM: Who?

MPP: Cool ‘who?’

LLB: An organised hate group instituted with the purpose of undermining the rights of those who dare to achieve post-graduate degrees.

Ragging: Next question.

SHARIC: Next question.

Chetta: Where head and heart go at 12am.

Gym: A health insurance scheme, subsidised by the many for the few.

BT: See Exam Department.

Faff: Mode of production in law school.

Hostels: Community living without the community part.

Gossip: Primary currency of trade.

ABCs: An antipoetic system of intense politics and occasional value.

LawSoc: Kanhaiya Kumar saale.

FinComm: The people who inexplicably refuse to fund the third leg of your DDLJ Europe tour.

SportsComm: Do u even lift Bro?

SportsComm (alternate): The most consistent receiver of the collective abuse and appreciation of the student community in their activities.

LSC: Who cares, they have their own room.

LnD: The collective enterprise of trying to achieve, of one kind or another, 7 minutes in heaven.

MCS: The most studliest studs of all studs to ever stud, stud.

MCS (alternate): The last bastion of community pride.

Mooting: The exercise of engaging in 2-3 month long KLPD.

Mooting (alternate): You need a new profile picture, and an excuse to wear a suit.

Debating: Have you ever tried spending 15 minutes not fully understanding something, speaking for 7 minutes not fully understanding it and then being told by someone else that you didn’t fully understand it? You should try it, it’s pretty fun.

Debating (alternate): You need a new profile picture, but one in a kurta instead.

Anyone or anything else not mentioned: Irrelevant.

Joke: Unlike sex, I hope most people do get.

VC’s views on this list: Yes, permitted. –Sent from my iPhone

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