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Cracking CLAT to Become a Box on Someone’s Laptop Screen

This artwork was created by Madhav Aggarwal (Batch of 2025). It illustrates his initial experience at NLS and offers a snapshot into education in the times of COVID-19.

In the present times, whenever one goes to a new place, it is natural to want to click pictures and capture the memory. As I sat there attending my very first class at NLS, on Zoom, from my home, the only way I could think of doing that was to take a screenshot of my laptop screen. That is what this piece depicts. The names of the students have been replaced with inside jokes and the struggles faced in online classes, making it relatable to everyone- “here for attendance”, “wanna go back to bed”, “how did I get into NLS”, “confused but trying”, “crying inside”, “the know-it-all”, “over enthu for day 1”, “collecting meme material”, etc. Also, the laptop cursor can be seen placed on the “Leave Meeting” option, ready for cold calls.

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