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Depression Rates Rise after Electives Offering

Depression rates rise after electives offering

“System marginalizes indecisive people,” complain indecisive people.

October 19, 2018 | Mumbai | By: Aman Vasavada

NLS Inmates Review journalists stumbled upon three dazed inmates sitting on the footpath outside the Bombay High Court, their faces resplendent with the look of defeat. With a view to bring you some top class investigative journalism, we decided to find out why the inmates (anonymized upon request) were so depressed even when they were on their month-long parole away from Laa School. Their responses revealed a startling concern.

“So we just got to know that we have elective courses next trim”, said a third-year inmate. “Which means I need to make decisions again. Isn’t that reason enough to be depressed?”

Another whiny third year chimed in: “I gave up mooting and ADR to avoid moot offerings and ADR offerings, but how do I avoid elective offerings? By giving up Laa School? It feels like I am a ritualistic offering to the system – a sacrifice made for those who have their lives planned!”. The rant continued for another five minutes, highlighting how the indecisive class is institutionally marginalized, oppressed and othered by the system dominated by those who are privileged enough to make a choice.

The third third-year inmate to speak up to us was probably capable of making a few decisions but still looked just as sullen. This inmate was unhappy with the fact that elective professors restricted the number of students in their class and hence, their choice would be curtailed either by the much-feared FCFS system or by preference given to the fourth-years. The other two inmates, realizing that they were in fact doubly-oppressed, poked fun at their comrade for having ‘first-world problems’, but nevertheless showed solidarity after the third inmate declared emphatically: “I’d rather have no choice than be given the illusion of choice!”

Recent real-time studies conducted by us reveal rising depression levels in Tier-I cities in October. This correlates with similar sightings of miserable on-parole inmates recorded across these cities where they usually congregate to serve their parole internship requirements (firmal or judicial custody). Most notably, outside the Supreme Court in Delhi, five inmates were reportedly wailing in unison: “Freedom of choice includes the freedom to not make a choice”. We wonder if any civil liberties NGO will overhear them and take up their cause.

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