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Do you fit in?

The illustration is by Nidhi Agrawal (II Year B.A. LL.B.) and Pravidhi Rawat (II Year B.A. LL.B.). The inputs are from various quirk members.

@Zister: I would be the one with hearts – a hopeless romantic. Not empty but always looking to fill other pieces, and will perpetually have heart eyes for doggos.

@Professional Whiner: Yellow with a distressed face - Always confused and panicking but also at peace with my life. And it looks cute.

@trendsetter : the light blueish-purplish with sunglasses - cause its so swag like me.

@anonymous leopard (cause google docs plus the BU resident): I am the pizzle piece that does not know self

@Schrodinger's Smiler: The top right- too tired, still smiling. Let's take on more work. All is well

@Psyduck : The yellow one on top - unimpressed and depressed.

@crimsaw: Red one in the middle - Idk it's small and in the middle and I liked the colour

@Pretends to Understand Poetry: The pink one with specs - Has decided that the only way to get through this life is romanticising it.

@Babil: the blue one with big eyes - I am kaypee :(

@"Wannabe": Can I be the light blue one with the cute eyesss: Cause it's trying so hard to fit in and having a cute nervous breakdown while doing it.

@Crockerix: The tealish one on the top right: A little dead but finally found my place here

@:3: I am either the purple one or the light blue almost in tears one: I feel like rn I'm either that or one of the "so done" ones. But today I'm feeling :3 uwu

@krileesi: the dragon - I am now a true non-human person and @coolanon: it is a human right to be dragon, beatrix.

Which one are you?


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