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ED forms alliance with EDchemy, Students Quiver in Trepidation

Modi’s Digital India sees greatest success yet, but not without raising concerns

October 30, 2018 | Smriti Kalra and Aman Vasavada

In what has been touted as a landmark transition from bureaucracy to technocracy, the ED has joined hands with the Edchemy, an online ERP system propelling Nagarbhavi Law School and the nation towards Superpower 2020 status. While Digital India campaigners have hailed this move towards transparency, concerns have been raised that it is nothing but collusion with a new partner-in-crime. After a rocky start where Edchemy was questioned by appropriate adjudicating authorities regarding who commissioned its very existence in Nagarbhavi Laa School, the ostensibly illegitimate merger has left no stone unturned in disrupting the student environment even before the trimester has begun.

Its first step has been the historic digitization of attendance records. But with great transparency comes great legal positivism. ED-Edchemy has started following attendance rules strictly – a turn of events that has shocked the conscience of the nation’s finest (self-proclaimed) lawyers-in-the-making. This has proved to be the final straw for the students who are already experiencing their seasonal depression spike as reported by us last week.

While some have valid complaints about incorrect totalling of marks, others have dug out their Admin Law notes (photocopied from someone else, of course) to invoke the Doctrine of Legitimate Expectation. The fact that earlier a 95% might have gotten them 5 marks of attendance despite the rules prescribing 96% for this has ruffled many feathers. A team is also exploring electronic evidence principles to figure out the burden and onus of proving discrepancy in attendance in this era of e-MakeUps.

A certain student who wishes to be identified as Nancy Drew revealed to us that this 96% requirement may have been a top-secret amendment to the AER rules, executed covertly by ED-Edchemy, while distracting the student body through diversions such as elective offerings, unwarranted personal delivery of exam results, and privacy-breaching student profiling. As we speak, our informant continues her search for truth by comparing the forgotten texts of the pink, bound rule-book that first years received this year with the ones circulated in previous years. The NLS Inmates Review can neither confirm nor deny her claim.

But this age of voices calling for due process and responsible reporting coupled with our quest for investigative journalism has taken us to Edchemy’s HQ in Wakanda, where we were duly informed that Edchemy’s scientists are using Laa School to test their algorithmic prowess. If they manage to improve efficiency in our lazy society that abides by the delayed NLS Standard Time, it will sell its algorithm to larger applications that require more efficiency, such as the Vijay Mallya probe and South East Asian airline regulators. Our tech editors shall continue to follow-up on Edchemy’s cutting-edge endeavours.

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