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Editorial, Issue III (June 2016)

Dear All,

Exciting things have been happening here at Quirk.

For starters, we’ve finally gotten with the times and moved the magazine online (watch out, Buzzfeed!).

We are introducing many new features in this edition of Quirk. In In our Bookshelves, we have Sakhi telling you why you need to read Worm, a fantasy web-serial. In Law School Legends, you can discover the truth behind the many exaggerated myths which are religiously relayed to First Years on Surya Terraces, Spadika has done her research on the Legend of the Flying Kharbanda (sneak peek: she got it right from the horse’s mouth). Next up: The myth of Roti Park.

We are continuing our Poetry section where among other great poems, Nupur gives you a practical guide to dating a Left-Wing non-conformist. Other categories include: Gyaan (which there is always an abundance of in Law School, fifth years or not), Life in Laa College (a testament to  what the various auto, OLA, uber drivers call our college, not a typo) and other features that we will be introducing in the coming days. (On a side note:  if you have an idea for a column – movie reviews, rants, things to do in Bangalore,  write to us maybe.)

But, coming to the burning question – why, you ask, will I read an article on Quirk, when I have thousands of pending articles to read, that aren’t actually written by that annoying know-it-all from my batch?

Because Quirk is, at the end of the day, a Law School Magazine. Even The New York Times or Scroll can’t give you stellar content about the issues that really matter to you – be it Osho’s take on the recent elections, or Aradhya’s analysis of the broken incentive structures we have for projects.These are things unique to Law School, things which form part of the collective culture we share during our five long years here. On the other hand, we have articles about larger issues – like Gyalten’s take on Trumpmania – written from the perspective of a LawSchoolite (Scroll hasn’t started using terms like faff and BT yet).

But more importantly, Quirk hopes to finally bring to an end the era of those never-ending, point getting lost somewhere after the first three messages email threads. (We’ll miss you too, Anirudh T.) Now if you think we need to introduce electives in 4th year (which we desperately need to) make your case here at Quirk, and get people talking about it. We also offer you a chance to have arguments with people that don’t ultimately boil down to ad hominem insults. Quirk was always intended to be a medium for discussion about important issues in Law School. This becomes much easier online, where both you and we can react to things instantaneously. This way, you won’t have to wait till the end of the trimester to have your say and nor will you be restricted to cribbing about our articles on Whatsapp groups.  

So yes – change is tough. And we only need to see the new Instagram logo to know how it can go terribly wrong. But done right, it can make Quirk something that we all cherish. So bear with our click-baity titles, the slightly buzzfeedy feel and  the continuous bombardment we hope to subject you to on facebook in the coming days.

Because underneath it all, we are still the same Quirk you know, love and only read in boring classes (at least now you have a good reason to look down at your crotch and grin).


The Quirk Team

P.S. If you are a strong, kannada speaking, risk taking, ass kicking individual, and are willing to join us for lunch at Roti Park, please drop us a mail. Just in case the horror stories about Roti Park are true. We’d like to delve into the ghosts of Law School, not become one.  

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