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India’s Brightest: Bioluminescence part of NLS’ mandatory physical activities

India’s Brightest: Bioluminescence part of NLS’ mandatory physical activities

Campus to disconnect all artificial lights to support the programme

Nagarbhavi | November 11, 2019 | By: V Sreedharan, Batch of 2024

NLS Inmates Review can confirm that a ground-breaking training program to teach students bioluminescence – to help them emit their own light – has been added to the mandatory fitness routine that first, second and third years are subjected to, in order to tackle the darkness that the Laa College campus is experiencing as of late. Late on Sunday night, while inmates were busy photocopying material for their FA, a portal was opened on EdChemy, where an entry for Bioluminescence was added, in a bid to continue to produce the brightest lawyers in the country.

To shed light on the conundrum, a bioluminescence expert from SAI has been employed to overlook the training program, scheduled to be held on the weekends just before bedtime (from 5 am to 7 am).

The decision to switch off lights in the campus was welcomed by the Finance Ministry after the sale of flashlights and night vision goggles rocketed to an all-time high in the Nagarbhavi area. The Faculty of Economics was quick to add a livemint article about the sale’s impact on the GDP of the country, to the Economics II LMS moodle for week 3. The Ministry had earlier expressed disapproval at the new administration’s decision to fire staff members, which doubled the nation’s unemployment figures overnight to miserable levels (the number of jobless people who took part in the Google Pay Diwali stamps offer, a testament to this fact).

Economists had also forecasted a rise in the price of vitamin A supplements, as students waited outside the Apollo Pharmacy in long queues in the days following November 8th 2016 2019 (which reminded an MHOR resident of Sunday night mess food). Those who stayed past 7:30 p.m. attempted to jump over Gate 0 and found themselves in hot water (6 to 9, morning and evening only).

While the rise in prices of certain products that improved eyesight was predicted, the surprising fall in the price of sandalwood soap has left plenty of economists scratching their heads. Yes, even Abhijit Banerjee.

The student body meanwhile, has expressed concern at having been kept in the dark about the past few cost-cutting measures of the current administration.

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