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Krishna Gowda changes ringtone to John Cena theme, Ganga residents polarised

Krishna Gowda changes ringtone to John Cena theme, Ganga residents polarised

Sceptics argue that it’s a wilful move by the important man to become more elusive

August 18, 2018 | By: Aman Vasavada | Image by Mukta Joshi

Ganga’s foreman, Krishna Gowda Sir, is widely acknowledged as the humble little fellow who successfully duped parents into thinking that their spoilt and lazy lads have finally learnt to do their own laundry and clean their own rooms.

Obviously always in demand, his ringtone echoing in the passages is a fundamental feature of MHOR’s afternoon ambience, second only to the desperate yells of “Gowdaaa Sirr” from those who still don’t use Jio. Unsurprisingly, the adoption of the John Cena theme as his harbinger has become the talking point at MHOR dinner tables.

A very vocal faction of lazy Delhi boys speculate that the transition is a deliberate signal by Gowda Sir that he’s done with their shit and will henceforth be as elusive as John Cena – the WWE superstar with the motto “You Can’t See Me” who has been sighted even less frequently than some Ganga boys have been sighted in the 8:50 A.M. classroom.

If their theory holds true, the domestic lives of many will be crippled. “We are considering seeking project extensions for having to do our own laundry”, complained one of the boys, who refrained from naming himself.

All may not be lost, however, as another source claims that there is no hidden agenda behind the ringtone. “Everyone is overthinking this. I’ve seen Gowda Sir watching the Royal Rumble in the common room. He’s just expressing his fandom.”

Ominously, Gowda Sir was not available for comments.

As we go into press, GWC is investigating the claims and SDGM is on alert to counter any spontaneous violence triggered by the act of 40 irritable men waking up in the bunkers of Ganga to the John Cena theme blaring on Gowda Sir’s trusty Nokia, all because that one piece of shit on Cauvery’s top floor was too lazy to come all the way and call him.

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