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‘Life is like that’ at NLSIU

This doodle has been created by Himanshi (Batch of 2025).

The doodle is in the form of the iconic library building of NLS and gives a good insight into the ‘Online Trimester’ lives of the Batch of 2025. Inside the building are the terms we have heard quite a lot throughout our online trimester – ‘link’, ‘exam guidelines’, ‘Am I audible?’, ‘screen froze’, ‘online exams’, ‘Protest kare?’, ‘Academic Rigour’, ‘Open house’, ‘My friend’, ‘Projects’, ‘Cold calls’, ‘NLS memes’, ‘Rank kid’, ‘Rank parent’, ‘ASP’, ‘LMS’ and obviously, our mantra, ‘Life is like that’! 🙂 There are smaller doodles within the building, such as the symbols of WhatsApp, Gmail, Zoom, Discord, a laptop, a mic, and a smiley.

#Onlineclasses #2025 #Doodle #NLSIU #Library #illustration #Zoom #artwork #Himanshi #drawing

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