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Life Under Lockdown – A Mind Map

This Mind Map has been conceptualized by Smriti Kalra (Batch of 2021) and Jwalika Balaji (Batch of 2023). The doodle has been created by Smriti Kalra. 

Island of Unproductivity – It’s where your mind goes as you scroll through an endless stream of banana breads on Instagram and binge watch three series consecutively on Netflix. You then decide to work and focus on that upcoming project for 5 mins until your phone pings and you immediately drop everything to fill out the newest bingo available on social media.

The Plain of Procrastination – A constant plane of existence to be honest, with constant stress and constant listlessness. The Plain seems to be an endless patch of land, with no achievable goal in sight.

Mountains of Mental Health – These are huge hurdles, which have always existed but now look taller. They make you feel like Sisyphus on the mountain but hey you must imagine him happy – fake it till you make it! To add a desi reference, you sometimes feels like Hanuman from Ramayan – carrying the weight of Sanjeevani – hoping that one day, you will not have burdens on your shoulder but instead, a metaphorical, life-affirming herb thing that will cure you of your troubles.

Department of Dreams – Weird, vivid and at times creepy. This department works in overdrive when you’re resting, just to ensure that you are not happy even when you sleep. To apply to work at this department, you have to exhibit a special level of sadism. Guaranteed extra weird dreams during the lockdown.

Sea of Sleep – Sometimes the sea is deep, sometimes it’s shallow, many a times there are sharks but one thing is for sure – you’re bound to die drowning.

Forests of Fear and Anxiety – Will law firms stop hiring?? Will I get infected? How long before my parents throw me out? Will communalisation get worse and am I going to witness riots soon?  WILL THERE BE ANOTHER PROJECT EXTENSION? Involves staring at your phone for a potential mail from the admin providing an extension.

Swamp of Social Media – I feel so bad that everyone is PUBLISHING ARTICLES and that PEOPLE ARE ALSO DYING and that I’M JUST LYING IN BED- social media is the worst but also the only way to feel connected to friends.

Happy Place – Mostly elusive. Can be seen in the form of fleeting hopes. Can also be found occasionally while playing Pictionary and during Zoom calls with friends.

River of Regret – Shit man, should have gone out that last time everyone went for drinks! Oh damn, did I clean my room before leaving, whoops 🙂 Oh god, I wish I’d travelled more! I really wish I’d started therapy earlier! Urgh, why did I snap at mom again, uff I’ll be nicer to her tomorrow *repeats cycle*, I wish I’d spent more time with my grandparents earlier ://

And so it goes.

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