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Mess Menu: Masterchef Nagarbhavi Edition

This article has been written by Uravi Pania (Batch of 2026) and Aastha Malipatil (Batch of 2026). The cover illustration is by Nidhi Agrawal (Batch of 2026).


Lentil based non-sweet doughnut; milk-coloured steamed rice cake; exotic vacation-themed fruit palate; lentil and spices cooked in tomato and tamarind gravy-based soup; coconut with curry leaves and spices ground as a dip; fresh cardboard coloured baked yeast with sweet preserved mixed fruit and churned milk; freshly brewed brown aesthetic coffee; flavored tea leaves boiled with milk and sugar.

vada; idli; cut fruits; sambar; chutney; brown bread and jam; butter; coffee and tea.


Whole wheat multipurpose (read: frisbee) bread; Healthy sauteed beans; boiled chickpea cooked in a flavourful tomato gravy; A4-paper-coloured rice cured in the freezer; spicy mustard, onion and tomatoes based soup; brown-food-colouring mixed with oil sprinkled on cut vegetables “Korean style”; thinned salted spicy yoghurt shake.

Roti; beans; channa; rice; dal; Kimchi salad; buttermilk.


Emotionally unstable puffed rice; panko-fried vegetables, no-shave november (read: Sigma Male) style; hot, flavourful coffee and tea with several dashes of hot water.

Moodi bhel; “Beard” pakoda; coffee and tea.


Non-basmati Rice tossed in oil with 4 jeera; salad mixed with thinned, sour yoghurt; potato-filled balls curry; snow-coloured rice; lentil juice cooked in cumin and tomato; red bean and boiled gram innovative salad; tortillas; generous serving of oil sprinkled with salt and red chilli powder.

Jeera rice; raita; potato bhaji; plain rice; dal; channa chaat; roti; pickle.


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