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News Bulletin #1

Number of women in NLS at an all time low

In continuation of the disturbing trend that Law School has witnessed in the recent years, there are only 25 women out of the 80 students who will be joining NLS this July. This number has consistently been on the decline with only 33 women joining in 2014 and 32 in 2015. The CLAT committee has decided to take a leaf out of the government’s book and introduce a “selfie with daughter” campaign for the parents of aspiring Law Students. “We are hopeful that this scheme is as successful for CLAT as it has been at solving all problems Indian women face,” said spokesperson Prof. VS Elizabeth.

On campus, this news has significantly increased the instances of depression among male students of the second years. “My second years pounced on my (female) batch mates when we arrived, it’s only fair that we get an equal opportunity,” said Rohit Patni, revealing how much he was looking forward to finally being able to give gyaan as an excuse to chatting up first years. The Academic Support Programme (ASP) also reported a drop in the number of candidates for the positions of library and project guides, alleging that the incentive structure has been altered due to this phenomenon.

Meanwhile, third year students were also said to be saddened by the news. “This was the last year I could hit on incoming first years without judgment,” said Samarth Ancha, renowned third year student. It is quite unclear how this shift in law school demographics will impact quad party attendance, remarked Culcomm JC Ritika Bansal.

The VC was unavailable for comment.

After Modi, student of NLSIU wins prestigious prize

It is a matter of great pride to all of us that our fifth year class representative, Aditya A. Patel is now declared as the Best Student Representative of India by the University Grants Commission (UGC). This propitious news came to us just a few days ago. This is rumoured to be an extremely prestigious award based on written representations and an interview, and will be presented to Aditya A. Patel, our representative, by Prime Minister Shri Narendra D. Modi himself. Apurva R. Shukla, Student Bar Association Vice-President, also got 16th position, while Student Bar Association President Nayan Banerjee got an honourable mention. Immense jubilations were observed on the ‘Student Bar Association Noticeboard’ when the news was received.

When asked for comments, Aditya A. Patel would only say, “Kindly share this. Very proud to be a Lawschoolite.”

Further details about the competition are unavailable as it does not exist.

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