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NLS Wrapped 2022!

As we start the new year, let's look back on the 2022 Law School experience. The Quirk team would like to wish you a Happy New Year! We hope you have a great year ahead <3

Slide 1: Pictured is the Quirk logo with the title 'Welcome to your NLS Wrapped 2022!' with the credits in the bottom right corner 'BY: Varsha Ramesh (BA LLB Batch of 2026), Karnika Jain and Nysa Kadam (BA LLB Batch of 2027)' on a pink background along with '2022' and sparkles in the background.

Slide 2: The title reads 'The top 5 memorable events (in no particular order) were' and the list contains Strawberry Fields XXV, Univ Week (with the subtitle BA LLB Batch of 2025 came first), New Classrooms in the NAB, Quad Party (finally!) and lastly Holi on the field. On the right side is the title 'Not to forget the honourable mentions' and lists the following: Pub Pools, Trilateral in NUJS, FIFA Screening, Movie Screenings, Poetry Session and GCL, PFL, PBL Games. The background is pink, purple and black, along with sparkles

Slide 3: The slide reads 'You started the year off.. by vacating college because of COVID, 4 days into the new year... perhaps you went to the last NLS field party as well (with a sad face emoji)' The subtitle reads '...yes it was THIS YEAR!'. The background is pink and has sparkles along with 2022 written in blue.

Slide 4: The title reads 'some things stayed constant' and there are 5 boxes below with the following events - Endless mail threads (with an eye rolling emoji), Committee Selections (with 2 small envelopes), Freshers (with raindrops and clouds), Committee/Rank/State treats and the subtitle 'if you haven't gotten a treat yet...we're sorry' (with two people together) and lastly NLSTIAM, NLSD, NLS NMC, Moot, Debate and Nego Univs with the subtitle 'the stress of participating also stayed constant, so did the blackouts after each after-party!'.

Slide 5: The title reads 'You also had some new law school experiences!'. At the top it says 'You explored... you grew to 180 students in the BA LLB Batch and saw the introduction of the new LLB batch (which is why you inevitably had to explore new places on the campus to escape the sea of people everywhere). At the bottom it says 'You experiences admin BT in 194747 new ways... reduction of committee sizes, exclusion from moot rooms, cctv cameras EVERYWHERE, cancelling the permission for using the field for stargazing, LC construction and the constant raining of debris'. The background is pink with 5 planets and sparkles

Slide 6: The title reads 'you worked really hard this year too!' and the text says 'you put more effort into the countless SOPs for Steering Comms and collectives like the Anime Brigade, Nature Club and so on, than your projects' the subtitle reads 'honestly, good for you!'. The background is purple yellow and black with blue swirls

Slide 7: The title reads 'You overcame obstacles, grew and learnt a lot...' and the text reads '3 sets of end terms (if you've had more, we're sorry...) 12 vivas, projects and consults (again, if you've had more we're sorry). The text below this says 'All this academic rigour does a number on you, but are no doubt a quintessential part of Law School!'. The text is on a notepad along with flowers and a blue and yellow background

Slide 8: The title is 'Your law school personality is... (one of the following)' and the following text is on 6 different ID cards - Typical first year enthu cutlet (with sparkles), Average burn-out overachiever (with 'one more hour' written below), Pokemon Collector (collecting committee points, publications, internships with no sweat!) (with an image of a Pokemon ball), Broke senior escaping giving rank treats (with an image of a small dog bone treat crossed out), Non-human person enthusiast (with an image of a little dog), Perpetual mail threader (with an image of a mail thread). This is all on a blue background


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