• Quirk NLS

Spiritus Throwback

This animation has been created by Gunjan Jadiya (Batch of 2023)

I have been a part of the Sports Committee since my first year. In my time, I was only used to fretting, working, and going crazy during this time of the trimester. As I see all the memories popping up on my Instagram and Snapchat from the past two years, I cannot help but miss the insanely stressful yet most fun event that I have ever been a part of in Law School![1] I’m quite sad that I didn’t get the chance to host Spiritus during my final year on the Committee, so I made this little animation for myself, for the Sports Committee members, and for all the people who love Spiritus, as a throwback of sorts!  #RIPSpiritus2020-21


[1] Personal opinion. Don’t go all crazy over it.

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