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The Princess and The ‘O’

Once upon a time and space,

Lived a princess, known for her face

Though she was personally proud of her mind

It was convenient, as suitors were never hard to find

And suitors she would always need

As none could ever satisfy her greed

Cinderfella, Mr. White, Aladdin all had tried

But she merely moaned, purred and lied

Fake it till you make it, she firmly held

And so she searched for nirvana on her bed

Little did she know that it was all in vain,

She had been cursed by a man she put in the friend zone lane

“No man, no woman in all of the shire

Would ever be able to light her fire”

And so she spent her days and night

Looking for someone who could be Mr. Right

Twenty men had come and gone

And yet she continued to feel forlorn

One night, in the land of dreams

She looks up to the heavens and screams

“Help me please, Why do I feel so frustrated?”

Came a voice, “Have you never masturbated?”

“There is nothing that I haven’t tried,

Missionary, BDSM and from behind.

“God helps those who help themselves,” said the voice

“When you have fingers, why rely on boys?”

And so finally that night the princess learned

And not a day passed where she yearned

For no man no woman in all of the land

Could satisfy her as well as her hand.

-Radhika Goyal

#Poetry #nls #quirk #orgasm #nationallawschool #masturbation #NLSIU #sex #radhikagoyal #empowerment


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