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“Third Trim’s the Charm” and Other Lies We Say to Comfort Ourselves

Although first years had heard tales of the fabled third trimester – about its partying along with the hectic but beautiful culmination of the academic year at NLS, 2020’s version of third trim has truly left them speechless. Sarthak Wadhwa (Batch of 2024) aptly illustrates this through his doodle as he raises his (glass? or rather…) finger to the trimester that this has been!

[Image Description: The doodle is in the form of a large hand with its middle finger raised to the third trimester. Above the hand are the words “IIIrd trim” and at the bottom is “2024” with an infinity symbol drawn over the 4. Inside the hand are various terms we’ve heard quite frequently this trim – “quarantine”, “protest?”, “rigour”, “mental health”, “usual suspects”, “ED/BT”, “examination guidelines”, “teacher autonomy”, “summary”, “more power 2 u”, “AASP”, “pedagogy”, “LMS”, “attendance (shortage)”, “cold call”, “falling academic standards”, “SBA”, “alienation”, “NIRF #1”, “Zoom”, “mic not working”, “creep”, “cohort”, “25 pages”, “online”, and “Raghav, note their names”. There are smaller doodles within the hand, such as a skull and crossbones with the word “field” written over it, flowers, coffee, emails, and the Whatsapp symbol.]

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