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About Quirk

Quirk is a magazine run by a team of students at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. We envision Quirk to be a magazine that captures the essence of the Law School experience. 


We feel that Law School is usually portrayed through a narrow lens that focuses on things like our moot court achievements, placements and publications. It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that this is the sum total of the Law School experience but anyone with a probing eye would know that Law School is about more than this. Whether it’s the myriad of events that we conduct, or just chilling on a terrace on a lazy evening, our five whirlwind years (a little more for some people) in law school are characterised by the memories and experiences we share in this crazy place. We believe that at its core, Law School is about ideas: shared over drinks, passed on through generations, but often lost in the humdrum of our daily existences - Law is about its Quirks.


We want to provide a platform to pen down these ideas and chronicle these moments because we believe ideas are fun and moments are worth remembering. Because we believe ideas  and moments shape the identity of any institution - and we hope for Quirk to capture that identity.

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